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Welcome to Cheap Luggage, a guide to luggage including suitcases, trolley cases, carry on bags, duffle bags, backpacks, laptop cases and business cases. We also make it easy to buy cheap luggage online by listing lots from the top online shops in the UK on each page with the cheapest first so that the cheap deals are at the top of the page.

When buying luggage there is allot to consider. You have to choose the size of the luggage and the number of pieces of luggage and so you really have to think about how much clothing and other items you will be taking on your holiday.

You can buy sets of luggage and these are great for a family holiday as they include all you need for your holidays. The luggage sets are also quite cheap and there are lots of sets to choose from and so luggage sets can be the cheap and easy solution for your luggage needs.

You also have to choose the firmness of the luggage from hard, semi-soft and soft luggage. The hard luggage is the best choice if you are carrying valuables or if security is very important to you as they are very tough, the soft luggage is lighter though and more flexible which makes it more convenient on your holiday.

There are a huge range of types and sizes of luggage and they include:

Suitcases are usually rectangular and come in a variety of sizes which range from 24" to over 36", they also come in hard, semi-soft and soft materials and so there are lots of suitcases that you can buy online.

Trolley cases
If you would like a bit more mobility with your luggage then trolley cases are ideal as they are easy to pull and usually smaller than the suitcases. The trolley cases also come in hard and soft materials.

Duffle bags
The duffle bags are large, soft bags that are ideal for traveling and can carry most types of clothing. As the duffle bags are soft they are mostly used for clothing but they are not as sturdy as most suitcases so bear that in mind before you buy a duffle bag.

A backpack or rucksack is carried on the back with shoulder straps and makes carrying the bag very easy. They are quite small though and so better for short trips where only a small amount of items need to be taken.

Carry On Luggage
The carry on luggage is small enough to take onto the airplane and so ideal for items that you need to keep with you as you travel. A carry on bag can be placed under the airplane seat or in one of the compartments and so they are easy to store while traveling.

For business trips you can buy cases that carry laptops or important documents.

So see the selection of luggage sets on the right which are listed with the cheapest first to easily find some cheap luggage deals or see one of our specialist pages for a specific type of luggage.

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